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matthews said rubio said government is not the answer, but talked about medicare for his mother and a student loan he received that perhaps allow him to be the senator that he is today. what do you make of the conflict there? >> i think that senator rubioey performance is fine. i am not hung up on the water incident. >> the issue of the role of government. >> substantively the short coming to answer the question is he didn't do anything in that speech to expand the tent. the issue that you raise about the role of government is an example of where there koochb compromise, but it hasn't been forth comprehending. he had a good presentation, but the same set of remarks with a different and perhaps more appealing face delivering them. >> as you are talking about the substance, we are talking about the water. it was over 90,000 tweets. his issue about the role of government and we talked about this a lot. there is not just a mote, but there is maybe the grand canyon between the two parties over the role of government. these are ideological differences that will not be solved. >> it re
toy world. >> we saw with his nomination something truly extraordinary which is the government of iran formally and publicly praising the nomination of a defense secretary. >> senator hagel is an honorable man, he has served his country and no one on this committee at any time should impugn his character or his integrity. >> john mccain or roy blount are critical here if they don't participate in this filibuster, it seems as though he will move ahead. what's changed from when john mccain thought that chuck hagel was worthy of a nomination until now? >> a lot of it was iraq. >> so is it political pay back? >> it is like a lot of things, it's both political and personal. i think john mccain in kind of brushing back ted cruz was trying to sort of sort out the personal and the political. the problem for mccain is, if it looks like this is purely personal and that it's an attack, then it kind of diminishes his credibility. he's trying to keep the argument on substance, but there's no question for john mccain, it is also personal. these two men were friends, they were part of a band of broth
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an alternative, they say, not just a critique. but that government or big government is part of the problem. and that i believe falls in with stimulus and some of the other things that democrats believe if they'd gone big would perhaps have helped the economy. that's fundamentally against what rubio and republicans believe. it is the economy and spending but it is also related to jobs. >> yeah. i think that's absolutely right and i think the problem there is you have a republican vision, one -- we had a referendum on that. it's called the last election in terms of vision of tax cuts and greater growth and jobs and still stuck because that's a mindset as a party. the problem i think that they have not come to terms with is the country is facing real big problems. how do you create long-term growth? and the president i think goes out there and says very clearly, listen, we have got to make investments today. it is not just spending for the sake of going to debt. it's spending in order to put us in a stronger footing for the future and good for the middle class and the country. >> chris, aaron
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)